Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm a married man

The wedding went off just fine on Saturday August 18. Oh, there were a few minor glitches, and it was a lot of work to get there, but yea!

The ceremony was wonderfull. Saranna and I worked together to create it using pieces from a packet our church (First Unitarian Church of Portland Oregon) provided us. The ceremony was relatively traditional, though we didn't use traditional music. Most of us marched down the aisle to Ode to Joy, while Saranna came down (escorted by her dad) to Tis a Gift to be Simple. Saranna's mom and dad even managed to collaborate and decided they would say "we do" together when the minister said: "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?"

Our simple three paragraph "introduction" seemed to take an eternity. So did Saranna's sister's music. We also hadn't rehearsed holding hands so there was an awkward moment for Saranna. Oh, and we were sweating (at least it was easy to put the rings on).

I was surpised I actually was able to pay attention to the crowd a bit and saw some tears. There was also one baby cry, but the dad (one of Saranna's cousins) stood up with the baby and stood by the side door and the baby quited down immediately.

The reception was wonderful and we actually had a chance to eat a plate of food each, and even went back for seconds (just on one shared plate to make wandering around and chatting with folks easier). We even got to eat cake! They also packed us a bunch of food and cake which we enjoyed in the hotel room that night (after a bit of pannic when we realized it was still on the front seat of the maid of honor's car and she was on her way to Corvallis (she turned around and brought it back to us).

Sunday and Monday we had a chance to spend some (but not too much) time with family. We even had a chance to go out to dinner last night with my best man Ken and his sister. Now everyone is home or on their way home. We leave tomorrow morning for our honeymoon, 2 nights in Seattle and then up to Victoria BC for 8 nights.