Saturday, October 29, 2005

Random bits

I discovered that a Sandisk USB thumb drive can survive the laundry. I heard this whacking noise coming from the dryer... Checked it out - everything is still readable (though who knows what I've done to the life expectancy of it). It's nice and clean and dry now though! It was quite warm when it came out, the clothes were mostly dry. Of course the thunking didn't stop, because there was a key in there also... I need to check my pockets better...

In sadder news, yesterday, my almost new (about 1 month old) flat panel display bit the dust. It flashes on for an instant and then blacks out (from what I see when it flashes on, looks like it's displaying ok). It didn't work in self test mode or on my work laptop either. Fortunately I still have my 10+ year old 20" monitor (unfortunately it can't quite keep up with the video card, and was starting to flake out). Good thing I brought my work laptop home for the weekend.



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